Port of Astoria Administrative Office

Gateway大道422号. 100套房
Astoria, OR 97103
Phone: (503) 741-3300
电子邮件: admin@hoho-job.com

Port of Astoria Marina

Astoria, OR 97103
Phone : (503) 325-8279
Cell: (503) 791-7730
电子邮件: marina@hoho-job.com

Port of Astoria 船坞

Astoria, OR 97103
Phone: (503) 791-7731
电子邮件: boatyard@hoho-job.com

Port of Astoria 十大电子游戏平台

1110 SE Flightline Dr.
Phone: (503) 298-7531
电子邮件: flight@hoho-job.com

To be a significant contributor to the community's and state's economic development and a catalyst of job and business creation.